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Who is ACUGEN Software?

ACUGEN, the company
ACUGEN Software, Inc. provides Automatic Test Generation (ATG) solutions for user-configurable digital electronics--PLDs, FPGAs, gate arrays, boundary scan, and circuit boards--through a worldwide distribution and support network.

Founded in June 1986, ACUGEN Software quickly became the market leader in ATG products for these programmable devices by responding to the testing needs of our customers-- leading electronics manufacturers worldwide.

ACUGEN recently teamed up with Acutest Limited to improve and expand support for our worldwide customer base. ACUGEN also teamed up with Aster Ingenierie of France to offer advanced board-level testability and repair technology to the North American market.

ACUGEN, the philosophy
A superior ATG software that creates test vectors automatically allows everyone confidence when designing with programmable logic --knowing that test vectors can be reliably generated for test and manufacturing. Users can realize savings in testing, diagnosis, repair and inventory costs by testing PLDs individually, prior to functional board test or system test.

ACUGEN Software offers the finest tools and support available to speed up and simplify your test requirements. Our company philosophy is to focus on the steak rather than the sizzle, namely superior engineering with continual new development and top-quality technical support. Our goal is to lower our customers' test development time, increase the quality of their test results, and speed their products to market faster.

ACUGEN, the benefits

ACUGEN, the products

ACUGEN and ATGEN are registered trademarks, and AADELAY, AASERVER, ACUFIX, ACUTAP, PROGBSDL, TESTBSDL and SHARPEYE are trademarks of Acugen Software, Inc.


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