Boundary Scan Products: TESTBSDL

TESTBSDL software reads a BSDL file and automatically generates a high fault coverage test program for the pins and EXTEST boundary scan circuitry of this device. This test program may be used on an in-circuit or component tester to test for manufacturing defects or to test the accuracy of the BSDL file.

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TESTBSDL software saves test development and debug time

for boundary scan users.

Easy to Use

The program can be invoked in a menu mode or from the command line. Either way, the user provides the filename for the BSDL, and a test vector file (in JEDEC format) is written out automatically, typically in under 10 minutes.

Generate In-circuit Tests

Quickly generate a conventional, high fault coverage, in-circuit test program for a boundary scan device. Since this in-circuit test uses the boundary scan EXTEST, high pin-level fault coverage can be obtained independent of any testability problems the designer may have put inside the device design.

This approach is also ideal for boards with only partial boundary scan support, since in-circuit tester’s powerful disabling algorithms can condition surrounding circuitry. A conventional boundary scan test, on the other hand, often has trouble disabling the non-boundary scan components that may be driving some critical nets.

Isolate Bugs in BSDL Files

One of the biggest headaches in implementing a full-chain boundary scan test often is bugs in BSDL files. Most device vendors provide free BSDL files for their devices, typically on a BBS or Web site. Unfortunately, these free BSDLs come with a disclaimer - they have never been verified. TESTBSDL software will automatically generate a test that verifies the accuracy of the most critical BSDL statements. Use these tests to verify each BSDL in the chain and eliminate the most common source of boundary scan test development problems.

Standards Compliance

BSDL files read by TESTBSDL software are checked against a large number of IEEE Std 1149.1b-1994 specification rules, including all rules necessary for correct implementation of an EXTEST.


This TESTBSDL product is part of the ACUTAP Toolkit. It is licensed for stand-alone use. The test vectors produced by this tool are in JEDEC format, and typically need to be translated to a different testing format. Translators to all common commercially-available testers are available from ACUGEN Software, Inc. TESTBSDL software can be used with the ACUTAP PROGBSDL product.


The host computer must have 16 MB of RAM and 50 MB disk available for use by this program.

Host Computers

TESTBSDL software runs on x86/DOS, x86/Windows (3.1, 3.11, 95, NT), HP9000/700 series/HPUX, Sun SPARC/Solaris I, and SPARC/Solaris II computers.

Technical support

Technical support and updates are provided under the support agreement for your base product.

Please refer to the ACUTAP Toolkit product description for additional information.