Product Description: S50 All-purpose ATG

ATGEN® software automatically generates high coverage functional test vectors for all types of Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs), including PALs® FPLAs, FPGAs, FPLSs, and other architectures. These vectors are applied after programming, on a programmer or in-circuit board tester. Testing PLDs individually prior to functional board test or system test results in large savings in testing, diagnosis, repair, and inventory costs. This product is one of a family of ATG products for PLDs that meets the needs of electronic equipment manufacturers and their suppliers in all areas of PLD testing.

Feature Descriptions and Product Capabilities


• < 6000 fuses with no restrictions

Target Application

• The most thorough tests for 22V10-class devices, for both component test and board test.

Vector generation strategies/algorithms

• Expedient: Critical-path backtrace technique for shallow circuitry

• Abstract: Effective on counters

• Goonly: Effective on circuits with internally generated clocks, sets and resets.

• Thorough: Effective on state machines

110 device models included

• See attached models library

• For optional device support, please refer to our JEDEC-based Device Price List

Tester support

• PLD programmers

• Component testers, translators available

• In-circuit board testers, translators available

Support included

• 1 year telephone support

• 1 year software updates

• 1 year crisis support -- if a problem PLD is holding up your manufacturing, we will analyze the design and vectors and make recommendations for resolving the problem.

Quality of vectors

• Functional, no preload

• Automatic race detection and repair

• Automatic conflict detection and repair on bidirectional pins

Ease of use

• Menu and fill-in-the-form interface

• Batch facility

• Comprehensive manual

• Generate equations from JEDEC file in pin-number format

• Utility to generate detected & non-detected fault lists

• Pinswapping utility to convert vectors between DIP & LCC pinouts

User controllable options

• Detection goal

• Time limit

• Maximum number of vectors

• Maximum burst size

• Use vectors from source JEDEC file?

• First vector # to use

• Use C and K in vectors?

• Mark unknown state with X, F, N

• Verbose print to screen?

• Clock format: non-return, return-to-zero, mixed

• Vector minimization: low, moderate, maximum

• Tri-state testing: none, pull-high, pull-low, midband

• Initialization, 4 options: unknown, powerup low, powerup high, seed vectors

• Possible detects optimally analyzed in fault simulator?

• Expect state reduction, 2 options: all cares, detects only

• Fault classes, 6 settings: pins, logic, logic+intact, logic+intact+blown, Mil454,

• Mil454+blown

• Bidirectional pins, 7 settings controlling transient and settled state I/O contention prevention

• Type of test, 6 settings: functional, functional+DC, functional+DC+AC, in-circuit board, device+board, custom details

Pins constrained: tied high, low or together, or not fixtured. Output and bidirectional pins may be joined.

• FASTpass Mode achieves faster throughput if run time is critical

Simulation & fault grading

• Event-driven, time-based algorithms

• Concurrent fault simulation

• Fault classes: pins, logic, intact fuses, blown fuses

• Most up-to-date vector minimization

Upgrade options

• Credit for original purchase price or current list price (whichever is less) towards higher priced products if Technical Support Service is current.

Host computers

• 386 (or higher) MS-DOS or Windows NT PC with hard disk and parallel port; VAX/VMS; Alpha, Sun4, Solaris 1.0 &2.3, and SPARC running Sun OS; HP9000/700 running HP-UX


• Signed license, Parallel port key


• High software development rate -- small releases every 3-6 months, major releases every 6-12 months.

• Latest technology, active engineering


• For companies requiring more than one PC/DOS platform at one location for wither high volume throughput or the capability to run ACUGEN products simultaneously. The configuration includes:

• One set of product diskettes:identical products run on all machines

• A security device for each computer, linked together by six feet of cable

This configuration is not appropriate for companies that have test generation needs at multiple sites.

Other Options

• Generate models for whole-board simulators, such as Teradyne’s LASAR6 and GenRad’s HILO. Translators to all popular device, board and AC testers (See separate translator document.)

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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