Product Description: LASMOD

ACUGEN® Model Files into Teradyne LASAR V6 Format

LASMOD software automatically converts ACUGEN® Software's ATGEN® model files into Teradyne LASAR V6 format structural simulation models. This product, when used in conjunction with ATGEN software, allows conversion of raw PLD JEDEC files into LASAR models.

Undisplayed Graphic

Automatic .LAS File Creation

No Debug Necessary

Easy To Use

Great for Functional Board Test Simulations in LASAR

Successful functional board test programs require mountains of diagnostic data (either for guided probe or fault dictionary). Teradyne's LASAR product is one of the most effective tools for producing diagnostic data as part of a functional board test program. However, LASAR needs models for all devices on the board, which usually includes a multitude of PLDs. Since every PLD design is different, users need to create a new model for each PLD design on the board. Since creating and verifying models is laborious and time consuming, the most cost effective solution is to us our LASMOD product to generate the models automatically from the JEDEC file. If the designer changes the design, just rerun the LASMOD program -- it is as simple as that!

Wide Range of PLD Types

LASMOD supports all PLD types supported by ATGEN software. See our "Device Models Price List" document for a complete list.

Accurate timing available

Accurate timing is most valuable in applications that do guided probe diagnosis at clock-rate. The LASMOD product includes timing data on thousands of PLDs, organized by PLD manufacturer order part numbers. Timing data includes primarily delay information, not pulse width, frequency, setup, hold and other margins.

Easy to Use

The translator is invoked by typing "AALASMOD" and operating a menu/fill-in-the-form interface that helps you choose the right device part numbers.

Technical Support Service and Updates

Technical support is provided under the support plan for your particular ATGEN base product.


LASMOD software must be run on a computer that has an ATGEN base product installed. LASMOD supports whatever models are installed with the ATGEN base product.

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