Product Description: JTL

ACUGEN® .JWV File To Sentry .LMI File Translator

JTL is a software utility that translates the output of ACUGEN Software's ATGEN® test generator (the .JWV file) into a Sentry Local Memory Image (LMI) file. The .LMI files produced by JTL are compatible with a Fairchild Sentinel or Sentry tester. By combining JTL and ACUGEN's ATGEN software, the test programmer can automatically create .LMI files for PLDs given either the PLD's JEDEC file (fuse map) or a "known good" device.

Automatic .LMI File Creation

Parametric Test Development Support

Easy To Use

Multiple .LMI File Support

JTL will handle translations that require up to 999 .LMI files (over 4 million vectors). JTL uses an overlaying technique to insure that the PLD retains its state when more than one .LMI file is required. JTL automatically generates all dynamic register loads (LSETs). Only the primary registers are used by JTL for maximum system compatible. Any non-pipelined statements are avoided whenever possible. The sole exception to this is a LSET RZ statement which is placed at the beginning of each .LMI file to inform the test programmer where timing generators are required.

Parametric Test Development Support

For DC Parametric test development, JTL will include each of the .JWV file's test vectors as a comment just prior to the local memory statements that were generated from it. This enables the programmer to quickly determine where to perform all DC Parametric tests.

Full-Featured Pin Scrambler

JTL has a full-featured pin scrambler that allows the user to map the original JEDEC vector pin column sequence to their load board requirements. Pin scrambling may also be used to map test vectors for different IC package styles, e.g., DIP and LCC.

JTL is presently available for IBM PC/XT/AT personal computers and compatibles.

Technical Support Service and Updates

Technical support is provided under the support plan for your particular ATGEN base product.

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