Product Description: JED2TRIL

ACUGEN® .JDL File To Trillium Validmaster, Arraymaster, and Micromaster Test Program Translator

JED2TRIL is a software package that translates the output of ACUGEN Software's AADELAYTM .JDL file into a Pascal test program and test pattern file. When JED2TRIL is used with ACUGEN AADELAYTM and ATGEN® software, PLD test program development for the Trillium Validmaster, Arraymaster, and Micromaster test system is truly automated. JED2TRIL is easy to use and will produce test programs that will check PLDs for DC Parametric, Functional, and AC Parametric compliance.

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JED2TRIL translates the .JDL file into a Pascal test program ready to be compiled with the Apollo Pascal compiler supplied with the Trillium test system. The Pascal test program contains all procedures and functions necessary to perform DC parametric, Functional, and AC parametric testing on a PLD.

JED2TRIL also translates the .JDL file into a complete test pattern file. Each test pattern file contains the HEADER section, FORMAT section, and all test vectors necessary to functionally achieve the fault coverage reported by the ATGEN software, The test pattern's FORMAT statements are defined such that the test pattern's pin state characters conform closely with the JEDEC standard. This greatly simplifies the cross referencing of .JWV, .JDL, and test pattern files.

Fast Translations

JED2TRIL will typically translate a .JDL file into a complete Pascal program tan test pattern file in under one minute when running on a 10Mhz IBM AT or compatible.

Modular Test Program Design

JED2TRIL creates the Pascal test program using procedures and functions that isolate specific tasks. Extensive use of the Pascal record construct enables all data associated with a particular test to appear within a single object. This permits the passing of a single object to a test procedure. All program initialization takes place in a single procedure, Intialize_Variables, which localizes any program changes. Each test program is initialized through a procedure call from the Start_Up procedure, thereby reducing subsequent run-time overhead.

AC Parametric Testing

JED2TRIL will automatically create AC parametric tests to verify a PLD's compliance with its tPLH, tPHL, tPLZ, tPHZ, tPZL, and tPZH specifications. The end user can specify the number of propagation delay tests to perform on each output pin. Pascal procedures are provided to determine the loaded output voltage level at run-time to enable accurate time to tri-state search results. All AC test limits are determined by the delay, phase, and settling time data obtained from the .JDL file. The .JDL file data enables JED2TRIL to create AC tests for PLD designs with complex feedback paths, I/O switching, etc., as effortlessly as AC tests for simple PLD designs.

JED2TRIL provides full control over the tester's active loads through the use of parameter files. Each AC test can effectively have the output pins connected to a pull-up load, a pull-down load, both a pull-up and pull-down load, or no load.

Custom Datalogs

JED2TRIL creates Pascal datalog procedures that can be used as an alternative to those provided with the Trillium test system. The custom datalog procedures provide automatic numerical scaling to an engineering notation format that uses SI suffixes. The datalogs present limit and result data in formats similar to 10.23nS and 250.0mV, instead of 0.01023uS and 0.25000V.

Full-Featured Pin Mapping

JED2TRIL uses a pin mapping file to map the tester pins to the PLD. The pin mapping file can be used to assign a name to each PLD pin. The pin mapping file provides a software solution to interfacing problems associated with custom test adaptor wiring and different IC package styles, e.g., DIP, LCC, PLCC, and SOIC.

Technical Support Service and Updates

Technical support is provided under the support plan for your particular ATGEN base product.

Unlimited PLD Support

JED2TRIL comes standard with over fifty ASCII parameter files for both commercial and military PLDs. These parameter files contain the DC and AC parametric test conditions and DC parametric test limits for the PLD. The user can modify these files to suit their needs or create new parametric files using a text editor. JED2TRIL comes with detailed instructions on how to create your own parameter files to support any PLD.

JED2TRIL is presently available for VAX/VMS, Sun Workstations running SunOS version 4.0 and higher, and IBM PC/XT/AT/386/486 personal computers and compatibles running PCDOS or MSDOS version 3.0 and higher.

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