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JED2SPEC SoftwareACUGEN® Vector Files into Teradyne 88xx
Spectrum Model Language

JED2SPEC software automatically converts ACUGEN Software's ATGEN® vector

files (.jwv files) into Teradyne Spectrum Model Language. This product, when used in conjunction with ATGEN software, provides a complete solution for in-circuit testing of PLDs on Teradyne Z88xx Spectrum board testers --a single-step process that converts vectors into debug-free tester template models. (For older Teradyne 8000 series testers, see the JED2Z8K product description.)



Creates Vector Template The output files are in the "TEMPLATE" format used as library elements in the APG phase of board test development.

LHHLLLLLLLdzuddd; ' V0025 
LHHLLLLLLHdXdudd; ' V0026 
HHLLLHLHHHuXuXud; ' V0029 
HHLLLHLHLHuXuXud; ' V0030 
HHLLLLLHLHuzudud; ' V0031 
HHLLLLLLLHuduuud; ' V0032 

Files Compile and Run Without Debug Vectors produced by ATGEN software contain no races or backdriving problems. In addition, the translator drives any input pins that are left floating in the source .jwv file, thereby eliminating a major potential source of tester failures.

Easy to Use The translator is invoked by typing jed2spec, followed by the name of the .jwv file, at the operating system prompt. The ATGEN aatg program can be configured to run jed2spec automatically, which is even easier!

Top Quality Digital Guards A user-controllable number of guarding conditions (default 2) are written per output pin using the Preferred construct. The guards are written in an intelligent order so that the most desirable guards appear first.

// DISABLING DATA from ab_diag3.cnn
Preferred = ( P12:P2-L // output Z
      , P12:P2-H-P3-L-P5-L-P6-H-P7-L-P8-H-P9-H-P11-H // output high
      , P15:P2-H-P11-L // output Z
      , P15:P2-L-P17-L // output Z
      , P16:P2-L // output Z
      , P16:P2-H-P11-L // output high
      , P17:P2-L // output Z
      , P17:P2-H-P5-L-P6-L-P7-L-P8-L-P9-L-P11-H // output high
      , P18:P2-L // output Z
      , P18:P2-H-P5-L-P6-H-P7-L-P8-H-P9-H-P11-H // output high
      , P19:P2-L // output Z
      , P19:P2-H-P5-L-P6-H-P7-H-P8-L-P9-L-P11-H // output high

Maintainable The .bdf files generated by this translator contain extensive comments to facilitate maintenance, even by different test engineers far into the future. These comments record ATGEN fault coverage, ATGEN options, JED2SPEC options, and any wiring constraints used in generating the test.

Options The software has user-controllable options to include the JEDEC vectors as comments, to use symbolic versus numeric pin names, and control source of guarding data.

Technical Support Service and Updates Technical support is provided under the support plan for your particular ATGEN base product.

Requirements JED2SPEC software must be run on a computer that has a general purpose or board test ATGEN base product (S22, S25, S45, S50, S55, S60) or ACUTAP vector generator (TESTBSDL) installed.

ACUGEN and ATGEN are registered trademarks, and AADELAY, AASERVER, ACUFIX, ACUTAP, PROGBSDL, TESTBSDL and SHARPEYE are trademarks of Acugen Software, Inc.15jul02

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