Product Description: JED2S30

ACUGEN® .JWV File into Schlumberger Series 30

.D and .SR Files

JED2S30 software converts an ACUGEN Software .JWV file (JEDEC file With Vectors) into Schlumberger Series 30 .D and .SR files. The .D file contains pin declarations, disables, and tri-state tests. The .SR file contains the vectors to test the PLD. Series 30 testers include the 303, 323, 333, and 635 and are sometimes referred to as FaultFinders, Factrons, or Fairchilds. The Schlumberger 635 is a portable diagnostic test system. The JED2S30 program must be run on a computer that has ACUGEN Software's ATGEN ® test generation software installed. The software runs on VAX/VMS, Sun3 or Sun4 OS systems and on PCs under MSDOS.

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JED2S30 software extracts single vector disables from the .JWV file and puts them in the .D file. Multiple disables per pin are used if available, with TRI disables placed before H disables.

If V2.45 ATGEN software was used for vector generation, complete guard conditions can be generated based on the .CNN file.


JED2S30 software efficiently translates vectors into the .SR file, taking care not to move a pin unless necessary and using STH and STL commands where possible. A user-controllable option determines whether the vectors are written as one long test or many short tests, each ending with a CLEAR. The user may also choose whether to test tri-state outputs with TESTH (if there is a pullup on the pin) or to not test tri-state conditions.

The original JEDEC vectors are optionally inserted as comments. Another option controls whether SYNC1 statements are inserted. Comments report the measurement number for each vector so that failures can be tracked down precisely. These options will help with debugging when on the tester.

For combinatorial designs, the combinatorial test is optionally written to the end of the .D file. This saves test development time on model 303 testers because BASIC does not have to be rebuilt as often.

Tri-state testing

Code is placed in the DIGITAL SUBROUTINE section of the .D file to test each tri-state output. Each code line is preceded by REM so that CATGEN will not complain. The REMs may be removed after CATGEN has been run.

Menu and batch operation

JED2S30 software may be run from its menu or in a batch file. Options may be set up in the menu and then used in the batch run. The PRIORITY and :LSILIB("file") CATGEN options are controllable from the JED2S30 menu.


JED2S30 software reports several valuable pieces of information, both to the .SR file as comments and to the screen. Any output pin that is never high or never low is reported. The number of tester words needed for the test on the tester is also reported so that you can verify that the 4K limit is honored before spending time running CHIPS and LSIDEBUG.

Technical Support Service and Updates

Technical support is provided under the support plan for your particular ATGEN base product.

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