Product Description: JED2MED

ACUGEN® .JWV File to Schlumberger Series 700 ICT

JED2MED software automatically converts ACUGEN vector files (.JWV files) into Mediator code (.CS and .TP files) for Schlumberger Series 700 in-circuit board test development. This product, when used in conjunction with ATGEN® software, provides a complete solution for in-circuit testing of PLDs on Series 700 in-circuit board testers.

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Series 700 board testers use the .CS file for disabling information during in-circuit board testing. JED2MED software produces this .CS file, complete with a TRUTH_TABLE section containing disabling information. For ATGEN versions prior to 2.45, this disabling information is extracted from the source .JWV file. For V2.45 and later, the TRUTH_TABLE by default is created from the .CNN file which allows very thorough disable generation.

Files Compile and Run without Debug

Vectors produced by ATGEN software contain no races or backdriving problems.

Easy to Use

The translator is invoked by typing "JED2MED" at the operating system prompt, followed by the name of the .JWV file. Several command line options are available to control comments in the .TP file, single versus multiple sets in .TP, and use of .CNN versus .JWV for obtaining guarding conditions.

Technical Support Service and Updates

Technical support is provided under the support plan for your particular ATGEN base product.


JED2MED software must be run on a computer that has a general purpose or board test ATGEN base product installed.

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JED2S30 translator automatically translates .JWV files to Schlumberger Series 30 .D and .SR files.

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