Product Description: JED2LSM

The ACUGEN JWV File to Marconi System 80/53x LSM File Translator

JED2LSM is a software utility that translates the output of ACUGEN® Software's ATGEN® software (the JWV file) into a LSM file for the Marconi System 80/53x in-circuit board tester. JED2LSM includes JED2DNL which creates a DNL file containing the digital guards for use with the Marconi Guardian utility. When JED2LSM and JED2DNL are used with the ATGEN software, PLD test program development for the Marconi System 80/53x is truly automated.

Undisplayed Graphic

Automatic LSM and DNL File Creation

No Debug Necessary

Easy to use

JED2LSM and JED2DNL require only the name of the JWV file and a user-supplied pin list (.PL) file to generate complete LSM and DNL files for the System 80/53x in-circuit board tester. No other knowledge of programming or the board tester is needed.

Fast translations

Typically, JED2LSM translates a JWV file into a complete LSM file in under one minute. Typically, JED2DNL creates a complete DNL file in under two minutes.

Platforms Available

JED2LSM is available for IBM compatible PCs running PCDOS or MSDOS, Sun 3 workstations running SunOS 4.0.3 and later, Sun SPARCstations and Sun 4 workstations running SunOS 4.1.x or Solaris 2.3 and later, HP 9000/700 systems running HP-UX, DEC Alpha/AXP systems running OSF-1, and VAX/VMS.

Update service & support

Update service and support during the first year are included in the product purchase price, including bug fixes, enhancements to software and documentation, and telephone support.

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