Product Description: JED2L200

ACUGEN® .JWV File to Teradyne L200/300

Characteristic and Vector Files

JED2L200 software automatically converts ACUGEN Software's ATGEN® vector files (.JWV files) into L200/L300 characteristic and vector files. This product, when used in conjunction with ATGEN software, provides a complete solution for in-circuit testing of PLDs on Teradyne board testers.

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Both Characteristic Model (.CHR) and Vector File (.SYM)

Teradyne board testers use .CHR files for disabling information during in-circuit testing and for

connectivity and bus information during guided probe diagnostics. .SYM files contain the vectors

(stimulus and expect states) to be used to test the PLD during in-circuit testing. Both of these files

(.CHR and .SYM) are necessary, and JED2L200 software produces them both. A user-controllable option is available to control compatibility with VX1 or VX2 software from Teradyne.

If this translator is used with V2.45 ATGEN software, or later, then the .CHR file will contain complete Booleans and the INPUT-OUTPUT relationships will be minimal.

Multiple Sets Distinguished in .SYM file

When JED2L200 software writes the .SYM file, it starts a new set every time the PLD is

reinitialized. This feature provides several benefits. It allows the L200 composer to pick just those

parts of the test that it needs. It also allows you to edit out one set and keep the rest of the test.

Without multiple sets, you would be faced with an "all-or-nothing" choice.

LASMOD model generator automatically generates Teradyne LASAR V6 structural models for PLDs.

Easy to Use

The translator is invoked by typing "JED2L200", followed by the name of the .JWV file, at the

operating system prompt.

The .SYM file contains the original .JWV vectors as comments for cross-referencing purposes.

Technical Support Service and Updates

Technical support is provided under the support plan for your particular ATGEN base product.


JED2L200 software must be run on a computer that has a general purpose or board test ATGEN

base product (S30, S31, S50, S60, S61-65) installed.

Sample Excerpts from .SYM file





begin set; !set #12


ML 2 OZ 12 16 17 18 19 ftest;


IOX 12 16 17 18;

MH 2 5 11 OL 19 ftest;

end set; !set #12



Sample Excerpts from .CHR file


CHAR U12-23, type=DIGITAL, leads=20, SEQ;



BOOLEAN q1 = (L 2);

FORCE 12 (TR) = q1;

BOOLEAN qb1 = NOT q1;

STATESET s12: T=q1, S=qb1;



OUTPUT 12 (SET=s12)

INPUT 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 17, 18;



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