Product Description: JED2DTGL

ACUGEN® .JWV File to GenRad 275X* .DTGL File Translator

JED2DTGL is a software utility that translates the output of ACUGEN Software’s ATGEN® test generator (the .JWV file) into a GenRad 275X DTGL file for use with GenRad’s 275X ATG package. When JED2DTGL is used with ATGEN software, PLD test program development for GenRad 275X test systems is truly automated. JED2DTGL is easy to use and will produce a .DTGL file complete with disable, inhibit, hiforce and loforce procedures!

Undisplayed Graphic

Automatic .DTGL File Creation

No Debug Necessary

Easy To Use

Industry Standard Input

JED2DTGL uses the standard ATGEN .JWV file (JEDEC fuse map file with test vectors). JED2DTGL automatically translates C’s and/or K’s in the .JWV file’s test vectors into a 0-1-0 or 1-0-1 sequence, respectively. All X’s, F’s, and N’s are translated to disconnects for the pin electronics in the 275X host system.

Full Test Generation

JED2DTGL scans the .JWV file’s test vectors to produce all sections of the .DTGL (Digital Test Generation Language) file. JED2DTGL first creates the header section complete with the signal, signalset in_set, signalset out_set, and signalset tri_set declarations. Next, both group and single pin disable, inhibit, hiforce and loforce procedures are created. JED2DTGL will then translate each of the .JWV file’s test vectors for the main test procedure of the .DTGL file.

If the .JWV file’s test vectors are written as a number of self-initializing vector sets, JED2DTGL will only use vectors from the initialization vector onward to produce disable, inhibit, hiforce, and loforce procedures. JED2DTGL will translate all disconnect steps (vectors that separate the test vector sets) into .DTGL file comments.

Unique DTGL.DEF File

JED2DTGL allows the user to customize the translation process by writing an entry into the DTGL.DEF file (JED2DTGL’s PAL Definition file). The user can include pin names, group declarations, user-preferred disable, inhibit, hiforce, and loforce procedures.

When the DTGL.DEF file is used, JED2DTGL will create the .DTGL file in a manner that ensures that the user-specified statements are preferred.

JED2DTGL is supplied with "template" entries for 35 common PAL types. The file entries are written using a syntax similar to that of a .DTGL file. The DTGL.DEF file allows great flexibility in customizing the translation to suit the end-user’s needs.

Industry Standard Platforms

JED2DTGL is written in "C" and is presently available for Sun 3, VAX/VMS and IBM PC/XT/AT personal computers and compatibles running PCDOS or MSDOS version 3.0 or higher.

Translation Reports

A report file is written by JED2DTGL with messages on the availability of group and single pin disable, inhibit, hiforce, and loforce procedures in the source JWV vectors. The number of pin transitions and pin states accessed by the JEDEC test vectors are also recorded. The data is reported using a format similar to that of the GenRad’s ATG MSG file.

Technical Support Service and Updates

Technical support is provided under the support plan for your particular ATGEN base product.


GenRad 275X systems include the following in-circuit board testers:

2750, 2751, and 2752.

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