Product Description: JED2ANDO Plus

ACUGEN® .JDL File to ANDO 9000 Series VLSI Tester Pattern File Translator and Test Program Shell Processor

JED2ANDO Plus is a software package that translates a .JDL file (produced by the ACUGEN AADELAYTM software) into an ANDO 9000 Series VLSI tester pattern file. JED2ANDO also performs macro processing and position-independent data substitution on a user-supplied ANDO test program shell and header files. The processed test program shell and pattern file verify PLDs for DC Parametric, Functional, and AC Parametric compliance. When JED2ANDO Plus is used with the ACUGEN AADELAY and ATGEN® software and a user-supplied test program shell, PLD test program development for the ANDO 9000 Series VLSI test system is truly automated.

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JED2ANDO Plus performs symbol substitution on a user-supplied test program shell (a test program with all variable data changed to symbol markers). The substitution process is very similar to a form letter generator -- JED2ANDO Plus replaces each symbol marker in the test program shell with the symbol's value (obtained from a parameter file), all other text is left unchanged. This technique provides a constant test program format and allows a programmer to alter the test program shell -- a feature not available from hard-coded generators. A properly constructed test program shell can be used to test all PLD designs. A sample Pascal language test program shell is included to demonstrate the symbol substitution process.

JED2ANDO Plus also translates the .JDL file into an ANDO pattern file containing the test vectors necessary to functionally achieve the ATGEN-reported PLD fault coverage. The pattern file always utilizes ANDO Test Pattern Language MODE 1 to ensure the availability of signal formats required by many PLD designs. JED2ANDO Plus also creates AC Masks -- test vector sets containing only transitions with the same propagation delay time and stimulus (all other transitions are masked out) -- to support AC Parametrics.

Fast Translations

JED2ANDO Plus typically translates a .JDL file into an ANDO pattern file and process a test program shell in under one minute when running on a 10Mhz IBM AT or compatible.

AC Parametric Testing

JED2ANDO Plus creates as many AC Masks in the pattern file as required by the PLD design. The AC Masks provide a fast method of verifying a device's AC parametric compliance -- typically only requiring a few invocations of the standard TEST statement. Worst-case AC parametric values can be obtained using one of the standard SEARCH routines on the same AC Masks. The AC Mask technique is much simpler faster than trying to validate each transition's delay individually which could require hundreds or thousands of strobe settings and pattern passes.

All AC test limits are determined by the delay, phase, and setting time data obtained from the .JDL file. Using these limits, JED2ANDO Plus supports AC parametric testing for PLD designs with complex feedback paths, I/O switching, etc., as effortlessly as AC parametric tests for simple PLD designs.

Fully Documented

JED2ANDO Plus produces a message file documenting the entire translation process. A header section that documents the translation process, test system requirements, test adaptor requirements, the input files, the programmer, etc., can be placed in the processed test program by using the appropriate symbol markers in the test program shell.

Unlimited PLD Support

JED2ANDO Plus comes with approximately 100 ASCII parameter files for commercial and military PLDs. These parameter files contain the DC and AC parametric test conditions and DC parametric test limits for the PLD. Users can modify these files to meet their needs or create new parameter files using a test editor. JED2ANDO Plus comes with detailed instructions on how to create your own parameter files for any PLD.

User-Definable Translations

JED2ANDO Plus uses an auto-configuration file to control the pattern file generation and test program shell processor. You can customize this file to your liking to establish the translation defaults. JED2ANDO Plus has over 90 user-definable features. To simplify the handling of special situations, the auto-configuration file settings can be temporarily altered from the command line. New command line options can be added using the built-in preprocessor directives (#ifdef, #ifndef, etc.).

Platforms Available

JED2ANDO Plus is available for IBM compatible PCs running PCDOS or MSDOS, Sun 3 workstations running Sun OS 4.0.3 or later, Sun SPARCstations and Sun 4 workstations running SunOS 4.1.1 or later, and VAX/VMS.

Technical Support Service and Updates

Technical support is provided under the support plan for your particular ATGEN base product.

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