Product Description: Deluxe Models Subscription Package

Many of ACUGEN® Software's customers have dynamic leading-edge needs. These customers may be large test departments that must support multiple product lines using different PLD families and technologies, or, service contractors that see many different levels of sophistication from their varied customer bases.

The Deluxe Models Subscription Package of S60 customers is designed to help these users acquire as many device models as are currently available -- for the best possible price.

Technical Product Description

The Deluxe Models Subscription Package is actually two products in one:

1. It includes a one time shipment of all of the available JEDEC-based device models developed by ACUGEN Software.

2.Plus, it includes a one year subscription to all the JEDEC-based models developed duringthe next four quarters. New model development is driven by our assessment of market needs. Models are shipped quarterly.

This product is renewable annually.

The Benefits of the Deluxe Models Subscription Package

The current configuration of the S60 premium High Capacity Base Product has 155 models included (check product description of a listing). Assuming you own this product, and purchase the Deluxe Models Subscription Package, we will immediately ship all of the JEDEC-based models currently available in the ACUGEN Software Library not included in the S60 Base Product. This allows you to generate vectors for the latest PLDs in the marketplace.

As of January 1996, this shipment would give you more than 40 additional device models including AMD MACH 111, 130, 211, 220, 221, 230, 231, 435, 445 and 465; ATMEL 1500, 2500 & 5000; Cypress 374 and ICT7024. Thereafter, throughout the next four quarters, you would receive quarterly shipments of all JEDEC-based models developed at ACUGEN Software. You can easily see the value of this package if you find yourself needing to test leading-edge devices.

Questions to consider

Take a moment to review the devices on boards now processing through your test department. Next, consider what devices are in your design process? If you anticipate a significant number of large devices, it may be prudent to consider the Deluxe Models Subscription Package.

ATGEN® Requirements

The Deluxe Models Subscription Package is available to all S60 customers whose Technical Support Service is current.

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