Boundary Scan Products: ACUTAP Toolkit

The ACUTAP Toolkit is a handy collection of tools for reading, writing, modifying, checking, testing and working with BSDL files and boundary scan testing situations. Test engineers will save time in test development and debug by using this toolkit. Designers will save time verifying the boundary scan aspects of their designs by using this toolkit.

Making Boundary Scan Testing Easy

If boundary scan test development were easier, more companies would realize the big savings offered by boundary scan testing.

Modular and Customizable

The ACUTAP Toolkit is an integrated and expandable family of tools. Each tool may be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other tools in the kit. Each tool can be separately licensed so that customers only pay for what they need.


Save time: Avoid tedious manual BSDL file customization (PROGBSDL tool).

Avoid tedious analysis of bit streams to find BSDL bugs (TESTBSDL).

Increase success rate: Validate individual BSDL files before use (TESTBSDL).

Node reduction: Cluster testing reduces in-circuit board node counts (AACDB).

Higher fault coverage: Cluster test inaccessible areas of boards (AACDB).

Replace low coverage in-circuit test for device with high

coverage single device boundary scan test (TESTBSDL).

Lower equipment cost: Move test to low-cost scan tester, using cluster testing to

maintain fault coverage (AACDB).


PROGBSDL software: Customize BSDLs to match PLD Design or board environment.

TESTBSDL software: Automatically generate test vectors for a BSDL for use on a com-ponent tester or in-circuit board tester. Use to validate BSDLs or use to substitute for an alternate test approach that has low coverage or debug problems.

AACDB software: Test clusters of non-boundary scan digital devices, including SSI/MSI, PLDs, and FPGAs. Includes fault dictionary diagnostic capability. Major benefits are node reduction, increased fault coverage and the ability to migrate boards to lower cost testers.

Easy to Use

All tools in the kit can be operated from their menu/fill-in-the-form interface or directly from the command line.

Standards Compliance

BSDL files read by ACUTAP Toolkit programs are checked against a large number of IEEE Std 1149.1b-1994 specification rules.


AACDB software requires an ACUGEN® ATGEN® base product, device model support (JEDEC-based PLD models and netlist-based FPGA readers), and the JED2Z18 tester translator.

TESTBSDL software is a standalone product. The test vectors produced by this tool are in JEDEC format and typically need to be translated to a different testing format. (Translators to all common commercially-available testers are available from ACUGEN Software, Inc.)

PROGBSDL software can be used stand-alone or as an add-on to an ATGEN base product.


See the individual product descriptions for memory and disk usage guidelines.

Host Computers

Products in the ACUTAP Toolkit run on x86/DOS, x86/Windows (3.1, 3.11, 95, NT), HP9000/700 series/HPUX, Sun SPARC/Solaris I, and SPARC/Solaris II computers.

Technical support

Technical support and updates are provided under the support agreement for your base product.

Please refer to the individual ACUTAP PROGBSDL and ACUTAP TESTBSDL product descriptions for additional information on those tools.