Product Description: AADELAY Software

AADELAY software automatically predicts timing information for all types of PLDs in support of basic timing testing on popular device testers. This product, when used in conjunction with an ATGEN® Test Generator and one of our AC translators, provides a complete solution for military and commercial users who need AC, DC, and functional tests for PLDs.

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Automatic Propagation Delay Calculation

AADELAY software reads a JEDEC file containing vectors such as a .JWV file produced by AUCGEN® Software’s ATGEN test generation software. It then performs a timing simulation on these vectors and write the propagation information to a .JDL file. A separate AC translation product would then be used to create a complete test program for your tester which could be compiled and run on the tester without editing. This test program would contain functional, DC and AC parametric subtests. A user-controllable option determined whether the test is a go-nogo or read and record (datalog).

Correct Values, Even with Feedback

AADELAY software performs a true timing simulation so predicted delays are correct even when many feedback paths are used in the PLD design. Device timing is derived automatically from timing specifications entered directly from the manufacturers’ data sheets.

100 Picosecond Timing Resolution

Setup Times as Well as Propagation Delays

The information produced by AADELAY software is sufficient to test setup times, propagation delays and correct vector durations, even in the presence of complicated feedback situations.

Easy to Use

Users enter the .JWV file name plus the manufacturer’s full part number into a simple form on the computer screen (or as a batch command). Alternately, the part number can be selected from a simple menu of available timing parameter files in the database. A menu dialog is also available to create batch files. AADELAY software automatically maps the data sheet timing values (tpd, tsu, tclk, tpzx, tpxz, tea, etc.) into internal gate delays inside the simulation models.

Simulation Models

AADELAY software uses the simulation models available with the underlying ATGEN software. Please refer to the JEDEC-based Device Models Price List for a complete list of available models.

Timing Parameter Database -- Includes 38510

AADELAY software comes complete with a database containing more than 1000 timing parameter files. Timing for popular devices from the major manufacturers plus all 38510 devices is included. Users may enter their own timing specifications into the database to reflect their own characterization data or special negotiations with PLD manufacturers.

Tester Support

AADELAY software requires an AC translator package, such as JED2HP82K+, JED2ATP+, JTS+, JED2MCT+, JED2TRIL+, or JED2ADV+, to support your tester: HP82000, GenRad 115, 125, 130, Sentry 7 through 21, MCT, Trillium, or Advantest.

Technical Support Service

Update service and support during the first year are included with the product purchase, including:

bug fixes

enhancements to the software and documentation

additions to the timing parameter database

telephone support

Technical Support Service does not include new simulation models or major new software capability.

Requirements & Tester Support

AADELAY software must be run on a computer that has a general purpose or device test ATGEN

base product (S40, S41, S50, S60) installed.

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